Violet Chachki was just crowed the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 and guess what? I'm going to bypass the whole "Frankie Malone" story (she did a solo porn vid awhile back and no she's not ashamed of it when the news of that broke a couple of weeks ago. But what I am bringing to you is her sparkling and kinky as fuck music video for her new single "Bettie" (clearly inspired by Bettie Page).

In real life, she was a dominatrix's assistant for a bit so this is method acting basically. You'll want to keep an eye out for her parade of clients and I'm guessing there are a few spots where you'll want to gleefully pause the video and have a special moment of twelve with yourself. And one where you may be in shock and awe and confusion.

If you find yourself attracted to Violet, join the damn club. She has the power to sway us Kinsey Sixes in any direction she wants.

Before people snipe that she's not really a singer, remember there's a total art to the visual. It's called visual art and it's a thing. She's not belting it out, but she's setting a visual mood and I'm liking it plus her vocals match up dandy.

So take inspiration to be your kinkiest self. And if that means assuming a character to play stuff out, do it. It's Pride Month and it's not time to be all corporate about it. It's about being proud of that part of you about which you've been ashamed or overly shy about. You don't have to make a music video about it, but you do have to live your life as your true sexual self. No hate to the vanilla amongst us, but remember, even plain old sucking a cock can be kinky as hell in the right situation. Just ask cocksucker extraordinaire Donald Trump.

"Bettie" is available on iTunes as a single, with the full EP Gagged to follow. Gagged is also available now for pre-order on Amazon. LGBT folks buying LGBT product is where it's at. Our money doesn't all have to go to Ariana Grande or Mariah Carey dammit!

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