Gay couples reenact (and react to) some curious Grindr exchanges. More specifically, the guys act shocked and disgusted by some of the stuff, while odds are they've said some of the same things themselves, just maybe not on Grindr. Though to be fair, some of the stuff is tacky as hell.

But considerthat there's nowhere for guys to learn more literary seduction techniques, because heaven forbid guys read some actual literature to inspire them, or even watch a Keanu Reeves romantic comedy. You know when something Keanu Reeves is paid to say in a movie is better than your pick up line, you're in trouble.

I hope you'll agree the bearded guy in the light blue tight as hell t-shirt is the best, because he's giving me total bad soap opera actor. This is his moment to shine! His chance at stardom! He is everything! He is trying to show he's sort of memorized his lines rather than just read the screen! Give that man a Daytime Emmy Award!

And all good things deserve s sequel:

"And cry in my ass"? Even I'm horrified by that one. And normally I like both crying and ass. But they go together like ketchup and waffles.

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