naked man trunk

"Hey, get in my trunk. I'm the guy you said you'd get in the trunk of. Don't chicken out now. Though are chickens really scared? They seem pretty brave to me with all they have to put up with. Anyhow, you can cuddle with my clothes until we arrive at our sexy destination where we will have sex. But first, I need to go on some errands. You stay in the trunk while I go naked grocery shopping. I also need to pick up some sod for my yard, which is why the back seat isn't fully available to you."

"You are welcome to masturbate while in the trunk. If you need a cum rag, use my pants. Though I have to warn you. They are so cum soaked that when they fully dry, they are likely to crack into shards. Ha ha. I can't take credit for that joke. I think I heard Dane Cook tell it on a comedy special once."

"By the way, you should hurry up and get in my drunk. I still need to pick up another guy before he thinks I'm a flake. I don't want him getting in the trunk of some other guy. I have a lot of competition lately. It seems every guy is getting in every other guy's trunk. Except for the guys who don't have cars. They just give guys piggyback rides or drag them home in wheelbarrows covered in wool blankets. Isn't gay liberation awesome?!"

And, scene.

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