Sexy Older Man

Pierre is 62 years old. Pretty fucking hot for an old guy, eh? He's right up my alley. He's 5'11" and beey. I usually like my men a little hairier, but what he lacks in fur, he makes up for in foreskin. Pierre is sporting a juicy uncut dick. But before we get to that, I just have to mention how hot this man looks in a pair of underwear briefs. Look at the bulge on him! Wouldn't you like to see that at an underwear party! Pierre slides those babies off and leaves them on the floor while he heads for the bed. He lies back and starts getting his dick hard. He tweaks his nipple and strokes his uncut cock and things start to emerge. At one point he rolls over onto his belly and gives us a look at his ass. A real good look, he spreads his butt cheeks with both hands, inviting the camera into his deep ass crack. Hmmm, I think this daddy likes to get fucked, so I'm sure we'll be seeing him back again at Hot Older Male. But in the meantime, he returns to his back and starts pumping his cock hard. And it's not long before he splatters a load all over his belly. Damn! What a waste!

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