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Ah ... Jake Mitchell. I've been following this older man for a few years now. There's just something about this sexy older man that really turns my crank. I have a bald man fetish, so I'm almost always attracted to balding men. But I'm also attracted to Jake's rugged good looks -- his salt 'n pepper beard, the wrinkles around his eyes, and even the lines in his forehead. There's nothing hotter than an older man in my books. And it doesn't hurt that this sexy older man has a rock-solid body covered in hair. But being the cock hound that I am, what really turns me on is thinking about getting down on my knees and sucking that deliciously big piece of meat of his. And when he's jacking his meat he has one hand wrapped around his bull balls and the other around his big cock. I get hard thinking about him covering my face with his load. And if you like this sexy older man, there's plenty more of him over at Hot Older Male. He's featured in over a dozen videos -- both solo and hardcore fucking.

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