9-Inch Cock

What a hot fucking man! This is Ross Hurston and he stopped by UK Naked Men to give us a peek at his 9-inch cock. You may recognize Ross, he's appeared on Men at Play several times - I love those suited up executives! But this time around, Ross Hurston is dressing down, wearing jeans and a muscle t-shirt. His hard pecs, round shoulders, and big biceps are bulging out of that tight-fitting shirt. And the swooping neckline gives us a nice preview of the hairy chest to come. They sure don't make jeans like they used though. Remember the days when you could see a man's bulge, when you could almost tell whether he was circumcised or not? Ross doesn't show a bulge at all in his jeans, so when he fishes out his 9-inch cock, it's a complete surprise. Ross pumps his cock in his hand and tugs on his foreskin, and in no time at all, his cock is rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. He's got a lovely set of shaved balls, too. And he turns around and leans on a bar stool to give us a good look at his smooth, muscular ass. His ass crack is completely shaved and it has me thinking about running my tongue between that hard ass of his. You're going to want to see more of this sexy man and his 9-inch cock.



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