Man Shaving

Alejandro has an important meeting this morning and he's spending some extra time in the bathroom, making sure that he's got a close shave. He's a handsome bugger and standing in the mirror that is no more apparent, but then, Men at Play men always are! Alejandro already has his dress shirt on and his tie is hanging around his neck. A pair of strong pecs and hard abs are peaking through. And it looks like Alejandro is pretty smooth. He scoops up some lather in his hand and spreads it across his face. I don't really know what it is about men shaving, but it's one of the sexiest things you can watch a man do. It's like foreplay. And when you think about it, it's completely reversed from real sex - with shaving, the man starts with a creamy face. HA! Alejandro gets his shirt all buttoned up and his tie tightened, but then, his cock is standing at full mast. Geez ... morning wood's a bit late, isn't it? Oh well, Alejandro takes matters in hand in front of the mirror and jacks his hard cock - and it's a thick one! Enjoy it.

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