Sexy hairy man

Wouldn't you like to pull into your garage and see a hairy mechanic like this standing there? Or perhaps the guy who is pumping your gas on the highway? Except I guess we mostly pump our own gas these days. Back when I was just turning 19 years old, I was finishing up my last summer at home before heading off to university. I worked at a gas station on a busy highway that headed north, taking the weary city folk to cottage country. Late one Sunday night I was working alone and a little red sports car came in for gas. As I pumped the gas, I noticed the driver checking me out, so I start up a conversation. Then, as I washed his windows, I saw him rubbing his crotch. So I just point blank asked him, "Do you want to come in the back?" Gawd, I don't know where I got the balls back then. Anyway, long story short, this handsome, dark-haired and bushy moustached man sat in my boss's chair at my boss's desk, and I got down on my knees and sucked his cock. This sexy hairy mechanic reminded me of that story. Standing there with his overalls half open and exposing his hairy chest, I just imagine reaching inside that zipper to see what he's got between his legs. I can tell you he's got a beautiful piece of meat, the almost perfect cock -- just long enough to slide down the back of your throat with his plump and suckable cock head, and his thick shaft will fill you up nicely. Go check it out a Bear Films.

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