Sexy Hairy Man

Out of all the types of men that I enjoy, Marco Vee pretty much embodies my ultimate turn-on. I have always preferred dark-haired, Mediterranean-featured men. Marco Vee is Bear Film's latest offering and he's got those dark eyes and hair that I find so alluring. I love bald men and his close-cropped hair is a real turn-on. The men that really turn my crank almost always have facial hair and body hair. Marco has just enough body hair to make him feel good, but not so much that you need to Hoover out the bed in the morning. And finally, I love foreskin. I love sucking an uncut cock and playing with foreskin in my mouth. Marco has a hot cock and he inspires fantasies of me sucking, biting, chewing, nibbling, and massaging that foreskin with my lips, teeth, and tongue. Even when his cock is completely hard, it's still covered in foreskin. And he's got a delicious set of low hanging hairy balls. I really loved watching him jack off, and I just about popped when I saw the remnants of his cum shot dribbling all over his shoe. What a hot man.



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