Sexy Hairy Bear Cub

And before I leave you for the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a little fur. This is Leif, a sexy hairy bear cub who just appeared on Bear Films. I'm generally not a fan of blonde men, unless they look like this. Fuck! What a hot guy. Leif is stunning, a real good looker. And his beard really just sets off his whole face. Of course those sky blue eyes of his are pretty seductive, too. And since I love kissing, I noticed his plump lips almost right away. Boy, I could get lost in those for a long time. Kissing this hairy bear cub and feeling that beard bristle against my face ... WOOF! His body is naturally solid and very hairy. He looks like a high school football player who has grown up, filled out, and gotten really hairy -- but he's 37 years old! When he folds his arms across his chest, his shoulders and biceps bulge out, showing off his tattoos. And wait until you see Leif's ass. Whether he's a top or a bottom, you'll definitely want to be spending some time worshipping his plump and very hairy ass. He's got one of the hairiest ass cracks I think I've ever seen. He's got quite a large gallery of pictures over at Bear Films, so I'm going to leave you know. I have something to tend to.

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