Ah, I think I'm in love. First of all, Bear Films is one of my favourite sites, they continually serve up a wide variety of hot, hairy men and sexy bears. So it stands to reason that I check the site out several times a week. When I cruised past Bear Films today I found this sexy hairy bear. And he's everything I look for in a man: balding, unique facial hair and a bushy moustache, hairy chest, a big hairy butt, pierced cock, and a little cushion around the middle. This is Thom Slater. At times he's got this "don't fuck with me" look on his face -- and I love that -- at other times he's sporting a silly grin and his whole face lights up. And those overalls ... man, they just have me thinking about dropping to my knees and asking, "Please Sir, can I unzip your overalls?" And what a nice cock he has, too, not so big that you're going to choke on it, but big enough to know you've got a dick down your throat. Oh shit, I just remembered, Bear Films has a feature where you can e-mail the models -- BYE!

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