Silver Haired Daddy

Sometimes you see a hot older man and you just want to fall to your knees and say, "Daddy!" I found Jim Sterling on Bear Films this morning on my usual rounds looking for men to blog about. Sometimes I have to do quite a tour before I find a man who really inspires me, but today this sexy, gray-haired daddy was waiting for me on the second site I visited. What a hot, fucking, hunk of man. Sometimes I'll see a man and the only thing I want to do is sit back in a big, comfortable chair and spread his legs. And then, I can go to town and give him a long, slow blowjob. Jim is one of those men. He's a California cowboy sporting a bushy handlebar moustache - peppered with gray - and two big, beautiful nipples just aching for some nibbling. And his chest and belly are beautifully hairy. His cock is crowned with a fat mushroom-head that will have your lips limbering up and looking for something to suck. Jim Sterling is featured in two different photo sets and a jack off video at Bear Films. And you're going to love him.

Mature Daddy Bear

Hot Grey-Haired Daddy

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