Sexy Goatee

I love sexy facial hair. And in a sea of clones, I especially take notice when I see a guy wearing a unique moustache, beard, or goatee. Michael Hunt recently stopped by UK Naked Men to shed his clothes. And when I first saw him, I was immediately taken with his good looks and that sexy goatee. Michael's moustache and goatee are two separate pieces and aren't connected like a lot of goatees; and this gives us an unhindered look at Michael's beautiful, pouty and kissable lips. When Michael sheds his shirt, he reveals a chiseled pair of hard pecs, a flat stomach, and tightly carved arms. Beautiful body aside, I'm eager to see this muscle hunk's cock - is it cut or uncut? He's British, so I'm pretty sure he's packing foreskin, and I'm right. His uncut cock is long and thick. And when the photographer lies on the floor and aims his camera up at Michael's crotch, we get a good look at his tight, hairy balls, his very hairy ass crack, and his two hands full of butt cheeks. I can't wait to see this sexy muscle hunk in action, but for now, we'll have to be happy gazing at his deliciously thick, uncut dick. And that's not hard! Well, his dick is hard, but the view is pretty easy on the eyes.

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