gay guy in bondage sucks cock and gets fucked

Caught sleeping in his underwear only, lying face down, this cute Aussie twink gets a surprise of his life when a stranger with a mask entered his room. Not knowing what to do and ordered to stay quiet, he obeyed the orders, and that's the scenario in this shoot from Bentley Race. As the masked stranger tied his legs and arms while he's in the tub, stretching him out and put a masking tape over his mouth, the shock look on his face couldn't remotely describe what's gonna happen next. He's moved to his bed, and having his undies split apart and his ass hole thoroughly licked, he was quickly turned on his back and had his cock swallowed by a stranger. Even though his was scared, he started to enjoy the action and his eager cock showed it. Being given a blow job while not being able to make a sound suited him until he was given a rather hard and big rod to suck on.

With his head lifted, and grabbed by the hair, he was forced to suck well and take it deep down his throat. If this wasn't enough, sexy hot hunk was quickly turned on his front again while pounded deep in the hot ass hole against his wish. But the feeling of deep pounding teamed up with a fast approaching orgasm took away the way his body was brutally used. Feeling the cum right across his bare chest, left him pleased and satisfied. .

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