Sexy Face Scruff

Chirstian Bishop is a city bloke, and sadly, he's as straight as they come. But he's also a total total horn dog and an exhibitionist, and took his clothes off recently for UK Naked Men. First of all, Christian is very good looking - square, chisled jaw; gorgeous, blue eyes; hot, kissable lips; a bit of a chin dimple; and he hasn't shaved for a couple of days. I love face scruff! Christian shows up in his footie gear. And he gets stiff as the cameras start shooting him. He even shows us his cock through the fabric in his shorts. (I love the tease!) He peels off his shirt and he's got a beautiful torso with hard pecs, close-cropped body hair, and when he poses and pumps, he has a nice set of biceps. He slides out of his shorts and he's rock hard in seconds. He loves being watched as he plays with his uncut cock. He looks so sexy strutting around naked in his knee-high, white, athletic socks. But he eventually peels off those as well, and gives us a look at his bare feet. He's got hairy toes - I love it. Oh geez, I feel like a giggly school girl.

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