Tom is working late at the office. He's all alone and this sexy executive decides to strip naked and blow off some steam. Haven't we all fanatized about jacking off all over our boss's desk or climbing on top of the photocopier and hitting the "enlarge" button -- some of us have, I imagine. Tom's a sizzling young man with hot good looks and a smooth muscular body. It's been a long day and that five o'clock is long overdue for a razor. He leans back in his chair and loosens his tie and rubs his crotch. He unbuttons his shirt and shows off his smooth, hard torso. His pecs are beautiful. He quickly strips off of his clothes. His cock is deciliously hard and uncut. He's sporting a tattoo across his pelvis and another around his right bicep. His foreskin collect in thick folds beneath his plump crown. His balls are tight and shaved. As he jacks his thick cock, his foreskin slides back and forth across his purple cock head. With one last squeeze he pops out a nice, thick cum load all over his tattoo. Just another day at the office.

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