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Dante is only the fourth black guy to appear on Corbin Fisher. The straight college guy site had three men of colour back in the very early days, when the site was first starting out. When I first saw Dante on the site, I literally said out loud, "Oh my." He's such a sexy black guy - good looking, beautiful smooth and satiny skin, and a hard muscled body. Good lord, Dante takes care of himself. For a 19-year-old he's packing some real muscle - I'm especially fond of his plump and chiseled pecs. Dante is quite open-minded and Corbin Fisher was really taken with him, admitting that he had trouble focusing on the photo shoot because he was fantasizing about seeing Dante in action. So I don't think there's any doubt that we'll be seeing more of this hot guy. But in the meantime, watch him jack off and splatter a milky load all over his beautiful, silky, dark skin.

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