Sexy Man

Jeremy Matthews has appeared on Bear Films a number of times.He's currently available in six photo shoots and three video clips. And look at him! It's not hard to see why this sexy bearded man is invited back time and again to strip naked and show us what he can do with his cock. He's had a number of different looks, including short mohawk, but in this gallery he's back to wearing a long brush cut or flat top. And I think this is how I prefer him best. Jeremy is a good-looking man, with a full beard, soulful brown eyes, and a hot pair of kissable lips. He's got a stocky and solid body with more hair on his belly than on his chest. And I love Jeremy's cock. It's not a big cock, in fact, it's comfortable average and just right as far as I'm concerned. His dick is crowned by a delicious plump cock head that would feel pretty hot sliding down your throat. And wait until his cock swells hard; that cock head of his mushrooms into a vision of beauty. And you're definitely going to want to check out Jeremy in his pool fuck scene, porking a gorgeous hairy man over the edge of a swimming pool. It's hot!

Sexy Bearded Man

Sexy Man in Kilt

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