cute bear cub

bear cub's uncut cock

bear cub's stiff uncut cock

Sometimes I see a guy so hot that I'd do just about anything to have a couple of hours alone with him ... push old ladies out of the way to catch up to him on the street, spill a drink on him in a bar just so I could offer my apologies and help clean him up, whatever it takes. Butch Dixon's Andro is one of those guys.

Andro is a cute and sexy bear cub and he's got the most adorable, puppy-dog eyes. The way he stares into the camera with those soulful, brown eyes drives me crazy. He's got beautiful pouty and kissable lips. And as you'll soon see as you scroll down, he's got a solid and hairy body and a delicious uncut cock.

Andro is featured in both a photo gallery and jerk-off video over at Butch Dixon and he really knows how to work the camera. He teases us with a slow striptease, and before showing us the front view of his hard, uncut cock, he strips down to his jockstrap, turns his back to the camera, and hoists his leg up on the table. Then he slides his hard dick up and down against the edge of the table as Butch Dixon films from behind. What a sizzling sight! Andro settles back on this table and jerks his dick, and when he shoots his load, great gobs of spunk gush out of his olive-shaped cockhead and ooze down his shaft. If you don't fall in love with Andro, you'd better head to the doctor because there's seriously something wrong and you'd better get yourself checked out! But before you do that, head over to Butch Dixon and check out this sexy bear cub's free video.

bear cub's erection

bear cub's hot ass

bear cub's hot ass

hard-on sticking out of jockstrap

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