Sexy Bear

Some days I really love my job. Every morning I wake up and I start the hunt for hot naked men to bring to you here. Life doesn't get much better than this. Jeremy is a sexy bear who I found On Bear Films. He's such a sexy man. The kind of man you'd love to curl up with on a rainy Sunday afternoon and fuck the day away. Reading his profile, he says, "I like hairy men, a guy that knows how to kiss long and hard." Hello! Right here! It turns me on so much thinking about falling into a long, passionate kiss with this sexy bear. And he's a top. Woof! Jeremy has a great cock with a big, bulbous nob. And since I love sucking cock - a lot - his dick is right up my alley. I love wrapping my lips and tongue around a juicy, plump cock head. And although Jeremy is a top, he's got a great, beefy ass. Spread those big butt cheeks and dig in with your tongue.



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