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Butch Dixon is one lucky man. Week after week, he gets the sexiest, masculine men stripping out of their clothes in his studio. This hot bald man is Alan Knight. Handsome bugger, eh? Alan and his partner, John Connery, have wanted to make a gay porn video for a while. So when they saw the notice for models on Butch Dixon they decided to try out. Butch Dixon told me, "It was a no brainer. Alan embodies everything I love in a man - bald head, full beard, solid and hairy body, and an uncut cock. How could I say 'no'."

And I'm sure glad he didn't say "no." Alan Knight sure is a hot hunk of man. And he's got quite the cock, too. It's a little on the thick side and when he peels back his foreskin his olive-shape, sensitive pink cock head emerges. Alan gives us a look at his hairy fuck hole and Butch Dixon tells me that we'll be seeing that hairy ass full of cock in the weeks ahead. Alan and his lover, John, headed into Butch Dixon's studio to show us how things look in their bedroom. Awesome! I can't wait! Head over to Butch Dixon and check out Alan's lover - he's a hot bastard.

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