bald hairy bear

I can't imagine going into the office every day if my boss looked like this bald bear. Fuck! I wouldn't be able to concentrate on a single thing with this sexy daddy walking around the office. Allen Payne is handsome and looks great in his dark suit, but this is gay porn, so he's got to get of that suit.

Allen teases us a bit by first pulling his cock and balls through the zipper hole in his trousers. He's got a nice piece of meat - a long shaft and a plump cockhead. Then he unbuttons his shirt and reveals a hot, hairy chest. When he finally peels out of his suit he definitely doesn't disappoint. His chest and belly are hairy. He's got some tattoo work on both arms and the ink features Cyrillic-like characters, so maybe this bald bear is Russian background. (That tweaks another fetish of mine - Slavic men.) Allen peels off his suit jacket, his shirt and tie, and slides his trousers down around his ankles; then he settles back on the black, leather sofa and jerks his cock until it's good and hard. Man, I sure would love to be there. Of course Pantheon Bear does let members e-mail their models, so maybe I could get lucky and get to hook up with this hot bald bear. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise?

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