One thing about the internet as we all know is the versatility it offers when it comes to different types of information. This would include sex of course. Gaydemon's forte'. The Society For Human Sexuality provides a wealth of information on all matters of what we can all experience during sexual interaction with others. How to make if safer, erotic massage, and yes, even multiple orgams for men. The front page is set up nice and easy with all your links quite readable and laid out perfectly. If you choose to look for resources in a particular city, check out "City Guides". "Learning More" provides even more information on all things sexually orientated. One thing I found refreshing here is that it isn't all gender specific. While men and women are quite different physiologically, sometimes there are things which stimulate us equally. It's all about sharing and

making this most wonderful of life's gift as enjoyable as it can possibly be. How can a resource like that not be excellent? Be sure to go have a look.

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