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Steven Daigle is playing a high-powered executive in this scene from Men at Play. He's embroiled in a sextortion scandal. Carl Wilde is a journalist who aims to get to the bottom of this, expose Daigle and take down his empire in the process. He arrives at Daigle's office and has a camera hidden in his briefcase. He's going to get the evidence he needs to expose Daigle for the power-hungry scumbag that he is.

As the two men in suits talk, Steven notices something odd about Carl and how he continually moves and repositions his briefcase. Eventually Daigle spots the tiny lens in the side of the briefcase. But instead of throwing this bastard out, he decides to have some fun. Daigle lays it on thick and starts kissing Carl passionately. Then groping Carl's crotch, Daigle feels his stiffening cock, so he fishes it out of Carl's trousers and starts sucking his beautiful cock.

Daigle bends Carl over and rims his ass before shoving his own hard dick down this cocksucker's throat. All the while, the hidden camera is capturing the whole thing. Carl is thrilled to be getting this on film, and Daigle's rimjob is pretty hot, too. Daigle pushes Carl over the desk and starts inching his big dick into Carl's ass. Steven fucks Carl all over his office and eventually spews his load on the journalist. While Carl is pumping out his own load, Steven grabs the briefcase and destroys the camera - and the evidence - and then Daigle tells Carl to "get the fuck out of my office." A naked and cum-soaked Carl grabs his clothes and runs out of the office. Now that's how you handle a sexual harrassment complaint! Head over to Men at Play and watch the free preview video of this nasty suck and fuck scene.

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