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Toby Crush is tall, lean, has a killer smile, and he loves fucking ass. Dustin Hawthorn is a horny ginger, 21-year-old with a smooth body, and this redhead guy loves getting his tight ass fucked. It's a perfect match and Circle Jerk Boys has it all covered on film.

Dustin complains of lower back pain and asks Toby to crack his back. Toby wraps his arms around Dustin and hoists the redhead and adjusts his back. Dustin's hand brushes against Toby's crotch and feels his buddy has a hard-on. The guys start to kiss, and then, the guys move to the couch where Dustin fishes Toby's hard cock out of his jeans. Toby lies back and Dustin chows down on his stiff cock. Dustin licks all up the length of Toby's cock and swallows it right down to his nuts. Toby returns the favor and the guys end up locked in a hot, 69 cocksucking session.

Toby sits back on a chair as Dustin makes that stiff cock disappear up his tight ass. Dustin rides Toby's cock good and hard, and then, Toby fucks him all over that room. Finally, Dustin explodes all over his smooth abs and Toby gives this redhead guy a cum bath from head to toe! Dustin is completely covered in spunk!

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