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Hairy hunk Carlo Cox was among of the first men to appear on Butch Dixon when the site opened a couple of years ago. I've followed this sexy Latino man's career for several years now and I always welcome the opportunity to watch this man fuck. This week, Carlo Cox returned to Butch Dixon, after a nearly two-year absence to give us an encore.

He's paired up with Albert Victor in this scene. A masculine, Italian man with a full, dark beard and a muscular body. Carlo is standing on a ladder and retrieving boxes from a shelf; he passes them to Carlo who takes them and places them on the floor. Every time Albert returns to the ladder, he checks out Carlo's plump, but firm ass. The last time back at the ladder Albert just can't resist and he slides his hand between Carlo's thighs. Carlo steps down off the ladder and the two masculine men fall into a passionate kissing session. They kiss for several minutes, and then, Albert hauls out Carlo's 9-inch cock. Albert slobbers all over it and gets it good and hard.

The two men swap blowjobs and even get into some hot, 69 cocksucking. But Carlo is really mad for Albert's ass. And who wouldn't be? It's beefy and hairy, and Albert loves getting fucked. So he gets down on all fours and Carlo slides his 9 inches home. It's a pretty hot fuck scene with the guys even using the ladder as a prop. Albert squats on Carlo's dick and rides it hard and deep until he dumps his creamy load all over the floor. And then Albert sucks Cox off. These two don't mess around, they get the job done, and Albert's a happy man.

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