sex with a burglar

Dean Monroe is making is re-emergence on Men at Play in a big way. The sexy, dark-haired stud has been away for a while, but he's back and you won't want to miss this kinky scene. When Dean Monroe arrives home from work, he's confronted with a pretty rough surprise. Axel Brooks is a little surprised, too; he wasn't expecting anyone home quite so soon. His thieving has been interrupted. So he decides to turn a bad situation in his favour. As Dean enters his condo, Axel jumps him from behind and restrains him against the sofa. Bent over the sofa with his arms behind his back and the full weight of Axel upon him, there's little Dean can do.

"Don't say a word and you won't get hurt," Axel growls. Dean nods his understanding and Axel throws him on the floor. Axel unzips his fly and hauls out a nice piece of meat, which he promoptly stuffs down Dean's throat. Slowly, Axel strips out of his clothes; meanwhile, Dean is still wearing his suit and kneeling before the burglar. Axel picks Dean up and throws him over the couch again. This time he pulls off Dean's trousers and starts inching his hard dick inside the homeowner's ass. Eventually Dean strips naked and Axel lies back on the sofa; Dean rides his cock until the burglar unleashes a huge stream of cum all over himself; Dean adds his load and the exhausted burglar is pretty happy with the night's events.

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