Nathan and Kyle take 20 year old Shawn for a ride - a dildo ride! Shawn is still pretty new to the whole sex on camera thing, but so far he's been having a good time working for College Dudes 24/7. He likes men, he likes sex and he says that being on video makes him feel like a celebrity. After a one-on-one debut, he said he was ready to take on two guys at once, and that's exactly what he does. Nathan has a lot of porn experience for a 20 college year old college freshman, so he and Kyle can't wait to get their hands on Shawn.

And they don't have to wait. In no time at all, all three guys are naked on the bed and they're getting horny. Of course, that's no big surprise since college guys are almost always horny.


Bad boy Kyle face-fucks Shawn while Nathan shoves a dildo up Shawn's tight hole. It's hard to say who's having the best time as the guys roll around in bed - looks like it's a tie!


It's also hard to say who's the horniest because all of them - Nathan, Kyle and Shawn - are so hungry for each others' cocks. Shawn is ready to pop from having that dildo in his ass but all three of the boys are getting closer as they suck each others' dicks...


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