Not all gay porn is shot in a seedy hotel room in Encino. We know that you might be used to the tacky bedspreads and bad overhead lighting, but just look at the gorgeous digs that Kristen Bjorn has come up with for his latest scene! Is this a castle? A museum? An art gallery? Who knows? But from the looks of it, porn stars Donato Reyes, Sergio Serrano, Aymeric Deville and Maikel Cash are living large in Chapter 6 of First Time, Part 2 (is that enough numbers for you!?).

In the latest episode of this steamy sort-of soap opera, Donato receives a text offering free champagne and caviar. But as we know, nothing comes for free. The tattooed hunk ends up paying with his hot bod! He starts by servicing Sergio as Aymeric does the same for Maikel. Donato gets a bit too into the action and delivers an early load, but this energizer porn star keeps on ticking! Maikel soon follows, shooting his jizz all over Aymeric's hungry lips and tongue. This causes Deville's pop shot, which leads Sergio to deliver his own juice in this all-oral scene.

Has Reyes paid the price for this afternoon of elegant fun? Or is he still in debt to these studs? And who's gonna pay for the room!? Stay tuned! For more information, visit


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