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I love some of the set-ups at Men at Play; they do come up with some good scenarios to get their men into the sex. Last time I wrote about Men at Play in Screwing Filthy Rich, a spoiled rich man forced the family's butler to have sex with him. This week we find two doctors fucking in the office.

Dr. Maxwell asks Dr. Stevens if he can pass off some of his patients; Dr. Maxwell has to run out to make a couple of house calls. Dr. Stevens agrees and heads to his file cabinet to get the patient records. In the process, he catches his tie in the drawer and now he's stuck. He calls for Dr. Maxwell, who comes to the rescue. Dr Stevens suggests Dr. Maxwell get the key from the secretary, but Dr. Maxwell pauses on the way out. He gets a grins devilishly, closes the door, and returns to the file cabinet. "I'm sorry," he says, "But I just can't let an opportunity like this pass by." Then Dr. Maxwell reaches inside Dr. Stevens's trousers and pull out his cock. At first Dr. Stevens protests, but when Dr. Maxwell wraps his lips around Dr. Stevens's stiffening cock all protestations come to an end.

After getting his dick sucked, Dr. Stevens is released from his predicament with a pair of scissors. He then bends Dr. Maxwell over the desk and gives him the hard ass fucking that he so desperately wants. And what a nice, big cock Dr. Stevens has. It's pretty hot watching it sliding in and out of Dr. Maxwell's beefy, black ass.

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