sex with sneakers on

Tyson and Dominic met out on the street. They were each just hanging around in their track pants and wifebeaters, smoking cigarettes and looking for something to do. The guys hooked up and headed indoors. Tyson is solidly built with ripped muscles and broad shoulders. Dominic is slim, lean, and a real cute blond. The guys are sitting next to one another on the couch and they start to kiss.

With hard dicks tenting in their track pants, the guys slide them down around their ankles. They grab one another's hard cocks and start a mutual handjob session. Then Dominic goes down on Tyson and sucks his big cock. When Dominic gets down on his knees, Tyson fucks the young lad's face hard, pushing his head down onto his throbbing shaft. Dominic lies back on the sofa and hoists his legs in the air - he's still wearing his sneakers - and Tyson starts inching his hard cock into Dominic's tight, puckered fuck hole. The fucking close-ups are awesome as we're treated to Tyson's big cock sliding into Tyson's butt hole. When Tyson is ready, he plasters Dominic's lips with a big, creamy load of cum! And neither guy ever removed his sneakers. Hot!

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