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Gay porn bad boy Seth Treston is slugging it out in a very public war with Michael Lucas. Seth Treston burst onto the gay porn scene in August 2013 with a freshly-signed exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment; five months later, Treston is making headlines every couple of week for breaking the terms of his contract and filming with other studios. In the tit for tat war, Michael Lucas continues flexing his muscle by having these contract-breaking scenes removed from other sites. But rebel Treston ain't throwing his legs in the air and taking it.

Seth Treston's revealed his latest move in a February 4 tweet: "I went down to the porn court to officially get my last name changed to my husband's." Billy Santoro, who is also a gay porn performer, and Treston married late last year, and suddenly @sethtrestonXXX became @sethsantoroXXX. He has filmed two new scenes under his new name, Seth Santoro, one with Colt Rivers for Man Royale and a live gang bang for Bound in Public that included Trenton Ducati, Connor Maguire, and Kip Johnson, along with a whole gang of other men.

seth treston bound in public

But On February 8, Michael Lucas told gay porn blog Queer Me Now: "Seth Treston is a Lucas Entertainment model and yes he just violated his contract again. He is under the contract and he will remain so until the expiration of the agreement on June 17, 2016. In the meantime he has no right to work for any one else. We are contacting all the studios letting them know that he is under an exclusive agreement."

On January 31 Treston tweeted on his Seth Santoro feed that "@lucasent never had me sign a release for this scene, or paid me for it. Nor is it remotely a fetish of mine." And Seth posted a picture (see picture at top of post) of Lucas Entertainment scene partner Michael Lachlan licking Seth's armpit. Mysteriously, as of Feburary 9, this tweet has disappeared, but as of February 8 it was still on Seth Santoro's Twitter feed as pictured in the screen grab below. Incidentally, Australian-born Lachlan is the latest Lucas exclusive and sports a 10-inch cock.

seth treston tweet

Did Michael Lucas force Treston/Santoro to remove the tweet? According to Queer Me Now, Lucas told the blogger that Man Royale has been contacted about Treston's exclusive contract and agreed not to release the scene. But there's been no word on what's happening with the Bound in Public scene.

seth treston and billy santoro

In mid January, Cocksure Men released a bareback scene with Seth Treston and real-life lover Billy Santoro, then promptly removed it two days later. Site owner Jake Cruise released the following statement to his affiliates: "Unfortunately I just discovered that Seth Treston was not truthful on his online application when he stated that he was not under contract with another studio. He is, in fact, under contract with Lucas Entertainment. When I shot the scene I trusted Seth was being honest with me."

With more than two years left in Treston's contract, the performer can't continue to film with other studios only to have Lucas forcing their removal, eventually no one will hire Treston. Perhaps Seth Treston should call up Michael Lucas, apologize, and suggest a make-up sex scene where he sucks Michael Lucas' huge cock and takes it up the butt like a good little boy.

Stay tuned, this war isn't over. Meanwhile, you can see Seth Treston in five scenes at Lucas Entertainment.

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