Seth Boxer is one stud that Mike has been waiting to get his hands on since the day they first met. With a face born for the camera and a body to match, Seth is surprisingly humble when it comes to accepting praise regarding his looks. However, he's committed to being in 'the biz,' so he works out relentlessly to keep his body in shape. Needless to say, a full body massage sounded good to Seth. As Mike slid his well-oiled hands up, down, and all around Seth's hard body, he made sure that no nook or cranny was overlooked. Seth admitted that he was so relaxed, he almost fell asleep. Mike Hancock captured this hot scene with just the right amount of pinache.


One part of Seth's body that wasn't asleep was his cock! Mike must have been rubbing him the right way, because Seth was 'throbbing' with satisfaction just from being lightly grazed. If you ask me, that was one dick that was aching to sucked' but that's another scene.


Seth's cock looks might tasty don't you think? Mike is doing a good job on him. And without even touching his subject's dick! That's pretty cool. There are all sorts of nerves in the body that if hit right can produce some pretty erotic sensations.


Seth took it upon himself to release his built up sexual tension, and busted a nut right there on the table. If just a light touch of Seth's cock could cause all that commotion, I'm sure Mike has something even better planned that will keep Seth cumming back for more. Stay tuned and watch for more from Mike Hancock and Seth!

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