Thine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord and, girl, his name is Seth Gamble. Mr. Gamble, the hot 22-year-old model who can currently be found doing ungodly things to a woman on Jake Cruise's straight-for-pay site, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (known by its CIA codename: sg4ge.com), has agreed to appear on Playgirl.com. Daniel Nardicio added:

"This bad boy of porn has a sneer and cock that will make you smile. You can also see him on Straight guys for Gay Eyes; but if you're not into fish, you can watch him on Playgirl.com giving a masterful solo scene. Seth is the kind of guy who looks like he'd let you suck him of for $50, but steal $100 from the nightstand while you were showering. Not for everyone, but definitely hot."

In the clip I watched from his appearance on Jake's site, Seth begins by fucking some girl who doesn't know how to give a blowjob (slow down, Mary, or your head will snap off!) but she quickly leaves. And then I walk in and Seth confesses to me how he is really a homosexual with special unmet longings for me...well, at least that's how it played out in my hand.

But he's on Playgirl now and you can see him in a whole new way: jerking off. Let's see how he plays to his audience when he doesn't have a prop. Or at least one than isn't trying to break the sound barrier with the fastest blowjob ever attempted in Western Civilization.

(Via: Playgirl.com)

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