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Ginger models are so rare in the industry that they always cause a stir. This week was no different when COLT Studio Group released the first photo set and interview from sexy redhead Seth Fornea. Sure, Seth is hairy and built, but it's his sweet personality that shines in his Q&A with the crew. The newly minted COLT Man tells how he was "discovered" working in a bar in New Orleans when a savvy photographer spotted him and made an offer to pose. Seth's first session was in Chicago, and he says that he always felt "natural" in front of the camera. Thankfully, this led to his new gig with COLT in NYC. "I was very flattered," he says of shooting for the historic studio. "I enjoy being naked for the camera...if the lighting is good," jokes the bearded muscle stud, who works out six or seven times a week. Though fans only get to see some straining jockstrap and butt action this time, Seth hints that more might be on the way. "The longer I do this, the more comfortable I become on camera. I could see myself doing most everything on camera." Everything?! Hmmm, maybe he should audition for the next season of Big Brother! For more information, visit Colt Studio Group.

Seth Fornea Colt 2

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