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Gosh, the guys just keep getting bigger and bigger. Dalton is a well-hung muscle hunk; he's just 21 years old, but he's already 6'4" and weighs a rock solid 215 pounds. He's got massive pecs, chiseled abs, and 9-inch-plus cock. Dalton's also straight and tells Corbin Fisher that he has a hard time finding girls who can take his huge cock.

Travis is one of Corbin Fisher's power bottoms and he generally doesn't have a problem accommodating a big, hard cock up his butt. Travis is dwarfed by Dalton in every way, but he dives right in and starts servicing this well-hung muscle hunk. Dalton flexes his biceps and Travis kisses them adoringly. But he doesn't waist a lot of time on Dalton's muscles, Travis is eager to work on that huge muscle between Dalton's massive thighs. Releasing Dalton's monster cock, Travis says, "Corbin wasn't lying." Travis goes to work and manages to slide most of Dalton's dick down his throat. But then after a few minutes, Travis says, "I can not wait any longer, I gotta ride this thing, buddy."

It takes a bit of maneuvering, but Travis straddles Dalton and makes 9-plus inches disappear. He rides that big dick and Dalton starts thrusting upward. After opening up Travis good, Dalton slides in behind Travis and fucks him doggy style - his favorite position. It seems to be Travis's favorite, too, and he explodes all over the bed. Knowing his work is done, Dalton pulls out and blows his thick load all over Travis's ass. "That was intense!" Travis says and Dalton just smiles.

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