Eduardo from Men at Play is a high-end rep at a large corporation, and he's used to going that extra mile for his clients. He's always found that the way to a man's wallet is through his zipper, and since he really wants to close the deal, Eduardo is ready to do whatever it takes. He's more than happy to get down on his knees while still in his suit and take every inch of Francesco's cock in his mouth, sucking that thick hard meat. Most clients would be more than satisfied, but Francesco isn't your average customer, and he requires further convincing.

Eduardo is more than willing to offer more than his usual personal customer service and invites Francesco to sit down while Eduardo services his cocks with enthusiasm and skill.


Eduardo is ready to go all the way to close that deal, and Francesco takes it to the limit. He wants ass and since Eduardo is so willing, Francesco buries his hard cock deep in Eduardo's hole.


Francesco pounds that tight ass till his cock is throbbing with the need to get off. I looks like Eduardo's willingness paid off - I'd say his customer is FULLY satisfied!


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