glory hole sex in military latrine

Sergeant Jimmy Johnson catches private Tommy Defendi sleeping late, and he decides the perfect punishment is to send Tommy into the latrine to scrub the floors barefooted and in his underwear. But Jimmy is also feeling horny this morning. He knows there's a glory hole in this latrine and he's heard rumors about Tommy's love of dick. So while Tommy is down on all fours scrubbing the floor, Jimmy sits on the toilet and starts working his bone into a full erection.

It doesn't take Defendi long to crawl over to the glory hole and take a peek at his sergeant stroking his morning wood. After slipping his hard-on through the glory hole and getting some head, the sergeant comes out and fucks Tommy's ass right here on the restroom floor.

This scene comes from Str8 to Gay, which is a part of the MEN network. And MEN recently launched a new site called Men of UK, which is included in your membership. That's 6 sites now for the price of one. Check them out.

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