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Jay Kohl is a hot guy. He's packing a lean and smooth body and he's got a big meaty cock swinging between his legs. It's got a bit of a downward bend to it and seeing Tony Douglas down on his knees swallowing Jay's meat reminds me of hot cock I had at the baths the other night.

I've played about three or four times with this geeky-looking guy at my favorite bath house now. I first ran into this guy a couple of months back. He was really hesitant to come into my room, but I guess seeing me down on my knees got the better of him and he mustered up the courage. Truth be told, I was never going to say "no."

I was thrilled when I reach under his towel because I found a nice, uncut cock there. It wasn't much at first, but as I started to suck it, it just kept growing and growing until I ended up with a nice piece of meat in my mouth, just like Jay Kohl - this guy's dick was a good 9 inches long. And after I got this guy's foreskin cock good and hard, he bent me over and fucked my ass. So Tony Douglas from this Jocks Studios scene and me have a lot in common. We both had a lot of fun with a meaty cock and got our asses plowed good, except I've had four repeat performances with my stud and I'm looking forward to a fifth sometime soon.

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