Serious Male Bondage

Serious Male Bondage is a very well-named site. I don't think I've ever seen so much enthusiasm for bondage, both on behalf of the men being restrained or those doing the restraining. The focus here isn't on rope bondage or sex. Serious Male Bondage focuses on leather, hoods, latex, mummification and lots of creativity. There are large devices like bondage chairs, specially made to make a man completely helpless. The guys here seem to have fun, too - not something one generally sees in a bondage site. And speaking of the guys, most of the men here are over 40 and regular guys, not pornstars or professional models, which makes everything feel a bit more personal - sometimes intimate. I like what I see here, including the extreme bondage, amazing gear, the fully helpless and immobilized men, and - dare I say it - the personal touch. If you want to see REAL bondage by and for men who really do love it, Serious Male Bondage is the place to go!

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