I've always been one to appreciate muscle. For several years I was an avid lifter myself. As an admirer of muslcemen, it probably goes without saying that I have an affinity for black men as well as they usually are quite muscular naturally. Sean Jones? Well Sean is just a fucking God in my opinion. Manifest Men are infamous for some of the most magnificent looking men in the gay porn industry. Sean is a very good indication of that fact with his massively sculpted physique. Let's take a look at a few poses and just sit back and appreciate him.


Sean's body is like something out of a comic book for crying out loud. I mean, look at those abs. The symmetry is astounding! In order for a large muscular man to look good he has to have the frame for it. Well in my opinion Sean here has the frame and all.


Oh wow. I could stare at this guy forever. Although he definitely turns me on, he also mystifies me. It's like a statue has come to life in all it's perfect splendor. Manifest Men are highly unique in their personification of the perfect man. The photography is always beyond belief and the men of course even more unbelieveable.

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