Russia Sucks

Recent anti-gay legislation in Russia has led some to demand a boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in Sochi next year. Others are pouring out their Stoli vodka, which is fine, as long as you're not thirsty. But has come up with a novel approach to hit Russian president Vladimir Putin where it hurts (so to speak). As Putin continues to approve homophobic laws in the country, with members of the LGBT community there (both citizens and tourists) being detained, arrested, jailed and running for the closet, Gamelink thinks that the "rigid" Ruskie needs to "loosen up." And what better way than to send him a big dildo!?

The online adult retailer has announced a special offer for its customers: "For the next week, will deduct $5 from every toy purchase to give customer the opportunity to select the perfect dildo to send to Mr. Putin, showing disdain for his horrific actions and support for equality in all human life. Simply type in "PutinOnTheRitz" for the instant discount."'s VP of Business Development Jeff Dillon says, "We are lucky that we are allowed to have open minds and can support the gay community without fear of persecution or beatings. [We] support personal sexual freedom for everyone, and sending dildos to his office is the least we could do to show our disgust."

We couldn't agree more! Remember, gay rights are human rights, people. So why not replace your old worn-out sex toy with a shiny new one, and in the process, send this a-hole a clear message from gays around the world? "Stick it, bitch!" For more information, visit

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