Doesn't it just pisses you off? All the ads these days that get tossed in, between the sites you visit? I am a news junkie, and I tell you, the pages keep taking longer and longer to load, not because there is lots of news but because of all the blasted ads tossed in.

Whether it is the actual page, or through the RSS feeds that are all the rage, there is more ads than context. And you know, Porn isn't really any better. Oh sure, some places are far more judicious of the number of ads put in the face of the visitor, but today they seem to just be like rabbits. One minute there is two, turn your head & cough, and suddenly there are a dozen or more rabbits watching.

I am not anti marketing, or anti advertising. I fully understand that it is the advertising that lets me read the news items, that lets me get a wider perspective from the reporting and all that, but when the 'adverts' prevent that, well are they really interested in the news?

Media has an obligation, as the airwaves they use, is ours. It belongs to us, and we rent it out to them, and yet it seems that they have this sense of entitlement that makes the news no longer the primary objective of the organization. Instead it is the insane desire to reach number one, not for quality reasons, not for informing people the most in the best possible way, but so they can charge more for advertising space.

If the main goal, purpose, is to sell, okay open up a shop and go market it. If the main goal is to show off a nice uncut dick, hey great, but don't cover up the pubic hairs with some blasted infernal ad for another site, or the DVD starring the guy you are showing off.

I mean geez, you go to some porn sites and think you are in some street market, surrounded by hustlers pushing their wares at you, and they aren't even partially naked. I hate that, and it seems that it is getting worse. That I don't understand, because frankly I don't think all of us surfers like to be confronted with endless ads, before we get to see the stiff dick or the dripping cum.

And it is the same in all the markets. Takes me forever to get my news feed loaded up for my morning glance over, and not because it is full of the gory details either, but filled with mindless ads for Dell or some other big name sponsor. Hell, finally got a news item to load, that was exactly six paragraphs long. Yet there were, counted them, 18 adverts on the page. Two across the top, five down below at the bottom and the sides, right & left, were plastered with the rest.

Stuck in between, the six paragraphs of the news.

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