I had always wished that I could suck my own cock, even tried a few times. But alas, the Lord didn't bless me with a big cock, and I always had a little bit of extra cushion around the middle. To suck your own cock you have to be pretty lean and flexible. Like Will here from UK Naked Men. He's 5'8" and weight 140 pounds, and he's sporting a 9.5-inch fat, uncut cock. I was already impressed when I first spied him on the Cybersocket-nominated site. (UK Naked Men was nominated in this year Cybersocket Awards in four different categories.) The only thing better than a 9.5-inch cock is a 9.5-inch cock with foreskin! Will is pretty lean and smooth, and he even shaves his balls. He's a hot guy. And I was delighted when I flipped to the next page of pictures in their gallery and saw pictures of him with his legs over his head and his monster cock pushing ever closer to his tongue. And finally, he gets those lips wrapped around that fat cock head of his. Fantastic. He doesn't blow a load in his mouth, but he does lick the cum off his fingers when he's done jacking off. So I wonder: If a straight guy can suck his own cock, does that make him gay? Just a little bit maybe?

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