Self Sucking BFs - In the Spotlight Self Sucking BFs - In the Spotlight

Go on, admit it, - you've tried to suck your own cock at least once. Every guy probably has. GayDemon has just reviewed Self Sucking BFs and these guys have figured out through trial and error, and a little ingenuity and experimentation, that they can give themselves head.

The first time a guy discovers that his cock spits warm, sticky juice is a wonderful moment, and for decades after that first cum shot, he'll spend countless hours trying to figure out new and wonderful ways to make his dick feel good. At one time or another, most guys have thrown their legs over their heads and tried to suck their own cocks. But it ain't easy.

A lot of the guys on Self Sucking BFs can't do it, but many can lick their dicks and wrap their lips around their own cock heads. Regardless, these studs get into some hot jack-off sessions and splash their own cum loads into their mouths and onto their faces. Self Sucking BFs is a new site that's worth looking at and your membership gives you access to lots of other bonus sites and videos.

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