When I first saw Jessie Clinton and his massive cock, I just about had a heart attack. With an absolutely beautiful face and bod, this man is not to be passed over by any means. YOU LOVE JACK sent over this shoot which they put extra editing care into. Their hard work certainly paid off I can assure you. Wait until you see what Jessie can do with his cock. This guy should go down in history I'm telling you. Fucking incredible!


Here he goes, getting down on his own huge bone. A man sucking his own dick is one of the most incredible human feets ever in my opinion. The agility needed is fascinating for one thing. Then there's the size needed to be able to reach it with your mouth. I was able to lick my own cock when I was a young teen and the fun I had! Hours upon hours of tasting my own musty meat! Let's see what else Jessie can do with his behemoth.


Damn, I love this shot! His mouth agape, his long tongue protruding, Jessie is getting right into this. Who wouldn't! With a fucking outstanding prick like that you'd fall right in love with yourself! LOL.


Jessie has an incredible set of balls. I love how they stretch down low, filled up with cum and ready to explode into his mouth. If you'd like to see that happen, YOU LOVE JACK can definitely accomodate you. Jessie ejaculates a massive load too. Unbelievable! Head on over and get the full scoop on this scruffy, massively hung, self-sucking twink drinking his own cum. Absolutely delicious!

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