Secret Escapades Of A Gay Gigolo

Secret Escapades Of A Gay Gigolo asks the question: "Good Lord, who doesn't want to read this??" I could ask for a show of hands but I am not that dumb. The juicy details of a rent boy always make for some of the most entertaining and pants-stretching hottest voyeurism we can nearly conceive of. What we get in this honest and discrete recap of his type of escorting is some very rich fantasy details, designed by his clients and undertaken by our author. By the way, one thing the author does very well is remain strictly and purposefully anonymous. By doing so he gets to describe events in great detail, as he says. And besides, also as he says: "Who wants to read a resume?" I'll take this instead, gladly. He also gets to indulge himself in humor, self-deprecating jokes and things which do not "sell" particularly well. This guy is not selling - he is describing and we all gain hugely from it. Some of the situations are as hot as hell. He's a very good writer who makes the situations he describes resonate with reality and understanding. Good writer, real honest about what he does - guys like this are rather heroic, like anyone who is in the sex business. Hearing about what they go through should almost be required reading. It's a large trade - female and male - and deserves a read. Hey, it's only the "World's Oldest Profession".

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