Sebastian Young out of prison

Porn bad boy Sebastian Young has got himself quite the reputation in the short while that he has been doing gay porn. He worked with the big names like and Sebastian quickly became a favorite due to the fact that he had this "I'm gonna fuck you and then slap the shit outta you" look that most gays love and and want during sex.

Well, Sebastian has never been an angel and he has already had racked up 12 felony charges that range from parole violation to reckless driving, and the final one was a pretty bad one. Young was arrested in October for beating up his wife, and it was more than clear that this young stud was mega out of control. Now Sebastian Young is a free man... well, kinda. He was released from prison November 29th but still has to wait for his trial where he will be charged for battery. It seems that Sebastian is not going to stop being all kinds of crazy but hopefully that won't keep him from banging gay ass for our hungry HOMO eyes!

Who knows how this story will end, but one can only hope that Sebastian got a lot of man-on-man practice in prison 'cos you know that would only enhance his performances in front of the camera!

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