Last week I told you that porn bad-boy Sebastian Young was a free man, and it seemed that he would at least be out of trouble for a little while, however....

Sebastian was arrested AGAIN last Friday, December 14th 2012 for aggravated battery against his wife, and this time he was also arrested for multiple drug charges. This hunk may be hot (or at least he was hot before) but he is a right mess! This is not looking good as he was arrested while he was on probation. Young is currently in custody. and it seems that this time there will be no release for him. Well... maybe.

If his wife decides to drop the charges it may change his time in the slammer, but I don't think that this would help her situation very much. She should just leave him in there a good while to teach him a lesson and also maybe have a little stroll down memory lane from when he fucked guys up their backdoor.

This is his eleventh arrest in the state of Florida, and at this rate I don't think it will be the last.

(Source: The Sword)

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