Scruffy Brit

Anthony is a cute and scruffy Brit who recently made his debut on UK Naked Men. These photos were taken during a hot solo outdoor session. Anthony is cute as can be with blond hair and a couple of day's worth of face scruff. His right shoulder is inked with orange and yellow flowers. Anthony is stripping naked in this outdoor photo shoot. A patch of golden hair in the middle of Anthony's chest catches the sun. And as Anthony peels off his tank top, another golden patch of fur rises out of his jeans. Anthony starts inching down his jeans and turns around to moon the camera. Fine golden hair creeps between his cute and tight butt cheeks. And finally, Anthony pulls down his Calvin's to reveal a delicious fat cock. This week on UK Naked Men, Anthony offers up his cute ass to another big-dicked British guy. Wow! Drake has an awesome dick and Anthony's ass just eats it up. And if you head over to UK Naked Men now, you can check out a free preview video of this sizzling outdoor sex session.

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